We are fully committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, clients, visitors, members of the public and others who may be affected by our works

  • Improving Behavioral Safety Culture, worker involvement/ownership, and management interaction.
  • Continual Procedural improvements to improve effectiveness in a simple to follow format.
  • To aim for zero accidents in the work area by providing safety consciousness among employees and associates.
  • We will ensure regular safety meetings (weekly/monthly) special equipment training to attain our goal of zero accidents.
  • Continual development of workforce competence.
  • Promotion of health and wellbeing at work including sickness absence management.


We at WHC recognize Quality is the key to attracting potentially new customers. With this in mind , we continually improve its system and procedures time and again as per the following:


  • Encourage all employees to participate in the development of Quality management systems.
  • Update the QMS systems with regular Audit checks and implementing the same.
  • To Ensure all the activities being carried out are as per the drawings , specifications , necessary regulatory standards and good code of practice by providing the employees with all the resources to reach the objective
  • Establish good relations with key suppliers through mutual Cooperation and also sharing of information which will be beneficial to both the parties